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I need a bigger vocabulary.

Waltzing with the Devil.

Clawing from beneath my skin, until your digits reach the surface.
Red is what you print on my flesh, but what is your real purpose.
Enough of your spells and wishing wells, enough of your trifling curses.
Stand before me and into the abyss you’ll go then down in vintage hearses
That is where you belong and that is your home sweet fucking home.
Why did you even come for me and my tarnished bones.
Your efforts simply cannot deter me, your failed intentions will keep recurring
So here you go you can have your fucking crown back, I’ve gone down that track
And heard the sounds in the darkest of blacks.

I’ll spare you for now, for you shall be my message.
It’s time to teach you a lesson, I give my regards and your most wanted present.
Here is my heart, an ignition, a kick start.
But let it be known, as I stand slain, you will have no gain.
Crush it, ground it to powder and use it like crack.
Pass it around to your offspring saying get a fucking hit of that.
Sniff it, snort it, lace your fucking brain with it.
Even though it’s mine, you won’t fucking change with it.

For you do not have what gushes through my veins.
It is not the blood, nor the tissue or bones, that makes the change.
It’s not so simple to surpass my conquest.
I know your failure is hard for you to congest, but be sure to keep it down.
You’ll need to swallow your pride when you go back underground.
As second best, the rest will always now question you.
Bickering at your every command, as you wish you were blessed too.

Welcome to the fucking crows nest, a new victim to the scavengers
An amateur, fighting them off, , until I wait for the next challenger.
I am sitting on your throne, but at least you still have your crown.
I need not one, the rest still abide and before me they bow down.
It’s quite boring here, and I really couldn’t give a fuck.
But at least this this army is mine, so many puppets to instruct.
Take my hand and I’ll give you one last fleeting dance.
The fire around us will feed you into this last trance.
Around and around we go, why am I looking at myself.
Where are they all gone now where is everyone else.
This cannot be true, all this time, I was you.
I am the monster, I am the prince, I am the saviour with blood on my hands I can’t rinse.
All this time I was playing both parts.
A puppet to myself, hollow with no heart.

How did I become like this what was the cause?
It was that fucking faggot who aimed without a moment, no pause
I’ll seek him down and wear his flesh as my new mask.
A new addition to my collection, another tick on my list of tasks.

Thursday Jun 23 4pm  


Heartbreak, with all this confusion
Like all this time, it was just an illusion
I was playing a rigged game, I was bound to lose her
I’ll raise you a Hades, and check you a Medusa

Sunday Jan 30 12pm  16 notes



it would sound like a fairytale,
but the roles are reversed,
the bad boy is blessed
while the good boy is cursed.
a hellish angel who reaps carnage in sight
a heavenly demon, chained down by the light
with blood on his hands he does not get blamed
for sure it is he who should be shamed
to be certain they are asked which one of you did this
he steps forward honestly showing his true kind heart
while the other one wonders, as they are torn apart
this bond between them inseparably you see
as he realises this he goes to set the other one free.
this one and that one are very much alike
the good made up for the bad, and the bad for the good
but now they are together, but only they understood
locked away, alone, no father, no mother
but they were happy, they still had each other
this is the tale of a bond of two brothers.

(i need to get on this already and do the drawings for it)

Wednesday Sep 22 2pm  

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